Puccini Restaurant

Overall Rating 2.5 (36 reviews)


Puccini Restaurant Description

The Puccini Restaurant restaurant is located at the 2014 Francis Lewis Blvd, Whitestone NY. It serves Italian, Steak, American, Mexican and Cafe. Puccini Restaurant is children friedly, sutiable for groups, has a parking lot, wheelchair accessible, has takeout and do deliveries. The avarage rating of this restaurant rated by 36 reviewers is 2.5. For more deatils and orders call Puccini Restaurant on (718) 631-8788 or visit thier website.

Puccini Restaurant Phone Number

Puccini Restaurant Opening Hours

Mo 12:00-22:00
Tu 12:00-22:00
We 12:00-22:00
Th 12:00-22:00
Fr 12:00-23:00
Sa 12:00-23:00
Su 12:00-22:00


Puccini Restaurant Location

Puccini Restaurant Facilities

Children FriendlyChildren Friendly
Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible
Suitable for GroupsSuitable for Groups
Beer and WinesBeer and Wines

Puccini Restaurant Website


Puccini Restaurant Cuisine

Italian , Steak , American , Mexican , Cafe

Puccini Restaurant Address

2014 Francis Lewis Blvd
Whitestone , New York , 11357
United States


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