Dolphin Diner

Overall Rating 2.3 (27 reviews)


Dolphin Diner Description

The Dolphin Diner seafood restaurant is located at the 16216 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows NY. It serves Diner, Coffee, Salad and Seafood food. Dolphin Diner is has takeout and do deliveries. The avarage rating of this seafood restaurant rated by 27 reviewers is 2.3. For more deatils and orders call Dolphin Diner on (347) 829-8873.

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Dolphin Diner Opening Hours

Mo 6:00-23:59
Tu 6:00-23:59
We 6:00-23:59
Th 6:00-23:59
Fr 6:00-23:59
Sa 6:00-23:59
Su 6:00-23:59


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Dolphin Diner Cuisine

Diner , Coffee , Salad , Seafood

Dolphin Diner Address

16216 Union Tpke
Fresh Meadows , New York , 11366
United States


Nק' Yםרל Dนสย้รื Dรืำพ 16216 Uलगदल Tजका Dخمحاهى Dهىثق Fкуыр Mуфвщцы Nाै Yदीक 16216 Uνιον Tπκε 16216 Union Tpke New York Fresh Meadows Salad Nำไ Yนพา Fพำห้ Mำฟกนไห Fρεση Mεαδοςσ Fीाेप Mाो्दैे Fרקדי Mקשגם'ד Nες Yορκ Coffee Fish Diner Seafood 16216 Uтшщт Tзлу Dםךפיןמ Dןמקר 16216 Uىهخى Tحنث 16216 Uמןםמ Tפלק Dολπηιν Dινερ ๅุ/ๅุ Uืรนื Tยาำ Fقثسا Mثشيخصس Dolphin Diner Dщдзршт Dштук Dदतजपगल Dगलाी Fresh Meqdozs Nثص Yخقن Nez York Nуц Yщкл &-é&- Union Tpke