Casa Asia

Overall Rating 3.5 (73 reviews)


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The Casa Asia restaurant is located at the 45 14 Ave, Whitestone NY. It serves Japanese food. The avarage rating of this restaurant rated by 73 reviewers is 3.5. For more deatils and orders call Casa Asia on (718) 767-6868.

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45 14 Ave
Whitestone , New York , 11357
United States


Nуц Yщкл 45 14 Aהק Wηιτεστονε Wاهفثسفخىث 45 14 Aωε Japanese New York Nez York 45 14 Ave Wपगूाेूदला 45 14 Aму 45 14 Aना Casa Asia Nק' Yםרל Cोेो Aेगो Cฟหฟ Aหรฟ Nثص Yخقن Cشسش Aسهش Wיןאקדאםמק ภถ ๅภ Aอำ Whitestone '( &' Ave Cασα Aσια Cqsq Asiq Nाै Yदीक Nες Yορκ Cשדש Aדןש Cфыф Aышф Wршеуыещту W้ระำหะนืำ 45 14 Aرث Nำไ Yนพา