Parkside Pub

Overall Rating 4.7 (5 reviews)


Parkside Pub Description

The Parkside Pub business is located at the 2414 149th St, Whitestone NY. It serves Pub Food food. The avarage rating of this business rated by 5 reviewers is 4.7. For more deatils and orders call Parkside Pub on (718) 463-4647 or visit thier website.

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Parkside Pub Opening Hours

Mo 13:00-14:00
Tu 19:00-20:00, 22:00-23:59
We 1:00-2:00
Th 19:00-20:00, 22:00-23:59
Fr 19:00-23:59
Sa 00:00-3:00, 18:00-23:59
Su 00:00-2:00, 12:00-14:00, 17:00-23:00


Parkside Pub Location

Parkside Pub Facilities

Full Alcohol BarFull Alcohol Bar

Parkside Pub Website


Parkside Pub Cuisine

Pub Food

Parkside Pub Address

2414 149th St
Whitestone , New York , 11357
United States


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