Andy Chinese Restaurant

Overall Rating 4.5 (277 reviews)


Andy Chinese Restaurant Description

The Andy Chinese Restaurant restaurant is located at the 3907 Prince St, Flushing NY. It serves Chinese, Asian, Salad and Soup food. Andy Chinese Restaurant is sutiable for groups, has takeout and do deliveries. The avarage rating of this restaurant rated by 277 reviewers is 4.5. For more deatils and orders call Andy Chinese Restaurant on (718) 359-1601 or visit thier website.

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Mo 11:00-23:00
Tu 11:00-23:00
We 11:00-23:00
Th 11:00-23:00
Fr 11:00-23:00
Sa 11:00-23:00
Su 11:00-23:00


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Suitable for GroupsSuitable for Groups

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Andy Chinese Restaurant Cuisine

Chinese , Asian , Salad , Soup

Andy Chinese Restaurant Address

3907 Prince St
Flushing , New York , 11354
United States


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