Nick's Pizza

Overall Rating 3.9 (479 reviews)


Nick's Pizza Description

The Nick's Pizza pizzeria is located at the 10826 Ascan Ave, Forest Hills NY. It serves Pizza, Italian, Sandwiches and Subs food. Nick's Pizza is children friedly, sutiable for groups, has a parking lot, wheelchair accessible, has takeout and do deliveries. The avarage rating of this pizzeria rated by 479 reviewers is 3.9. For more deatils and orders call Nick's Pizza on (718) 263-1126 or visit thier website.

Nick's Pizza Phone Number

Nick's Pizza Opening Hours

Mo 11:30-21:30
Tu 11:30-21:30
We 11:30-21:30
Th 11:30-21:30
Fr 11:30-23:30
Sa 12:30-23:30
Su 12:30-21:30


Nick's Pizza Location

Nick's Pizza Facilities

Children FriendlyChildren Friendly
Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible
Suitable for GroupsSuitable for Groups
Beer and WinesBeer and Wines

Nick's Pizza Website


Nick's Pizza Cuisine

Pizza , Italian , Sandwiches , Subs

Nick's Pizza Address

10826 Ascan Ave
Forest Hills , New York , 11375
United States


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