La Cheese Cake

Overall Rating 4.1 (64 reviews)


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The La Cheese Cake bakery is located at the 12604 14th Ave, College Point NY. It serves Bakery food. La Cheese Cake is has a parking lot and wheelchair accessible. The avarage rating of this bakery rated by 64 reviewers is 4.1. For more deatils and orders call La Cheese Cake on (718) 359-3718 or visit thier website.

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Tu 12:00-18:00
Th 12:00-18:00
Fr 12:00-20:00
Sa 10:30-20:00
Su 10:30-18:00


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Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible

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12604 14th Ave
College Point , New York , 11356
United States


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