White Castle

Overall Rating 2.7 (27 reviews)


White Castle Description

The White Castle business is located at the 2900 E Tremont Ave, Bronx NY. It serves Burgers, Fast Food and American food. White Castle is wheelchair accessible and has takeout. The avarage rating of this business rated by 27 reviewers is 2.7. For more deatils and orders call White Castle on (718) 792-7659 or visit thier website.

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White Castle Opening Hours

Mo 00:00-24:00
Tu 00:00-24:00
We 00:00-24:00
Th 00:00-24:00
Fr 00:00-24:00
Sa 00:00-24:00
Su 00:00-24:00


White Castle Location

White Castle Facilities

Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible

White Castle Website


White Castle Cuisine

Burgers , Fast Food , American

White Castle Address

2900 E Tremont Ave
Bronx , New York , 10461
United States


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