Cheong Hing Kitchen


Cheong Hing Kitchen Description

The Cheong Hing Kitchen restaurant is located at the 2702 E Tremont Ave, Bronx NY. It serves Chinese, Asian and Korean food. Cheong Hing Kitchen is do deliveries. For more deatils and orders call Cheong Hing Kitchen on (718) 409-1602 or visit thier website.

Cheong Hing Kitchen Phone Number

Cheong Hing Kitchen Opening Hours

Mo 11:00-22:30
Tu 11:00-22:30
We 11:00-22:30
Th 11:00-22:30
Fr 11:00-22:30
Sa 11:00-22:30
Su 11:00-22:30


Cheong Hing Kitchen Location

Cheong Hing Kitchen Facilities


Cheong Hing Kitchen Website


Cheong Hing Kitchen Cuisine

Chinese , Asian , Korean

Cheong Hing Kitchen Address

2702 E Tremont Ave
Bronx , New York , 10461
United States


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