Shore Haven Diner

Overall Rating 3.2 (18 reviews)


Shore Haven Diner Description

The Shore Haven Diner restaurant is located at the 622 Castle Hill Ave, Bronx NY. It serves Diner, American, Sandwiches, burgers and Traditional food. Shore Haven Diner is do deliveries. The avarage rating of this restaurant rated by 18 reviewers is 3.2. For more deatils and orders call Shore Haven Diner on (718) 824-0094 or visit thier website.

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Shore Haven Diner Opening Hours

Mo 6:00-21:00
Tu 6:00-21:00
We 6:00-21:00
Th 6:00-21:00
Fr 6:00-21:00
Sa 6:00-21:00
Su 6:00-20:00


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Shore Haven Diner Cuisine

Diner , American , Sandwiches , burgers , Traditional

Shore Haven Diner Address

622 Castle Hill Ave
Bronx , New York , 10473
United States


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