Alberto Restaurant

Overall Rating 3.7 (75 reviews)


Alberto Restaurant Description

The Alberto Restaurant restaurant is located at the 9831 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills NY. It serves Italian, American, Mexican, Cafe and European food. Alberto Restaurant is sutiable for groups, has a parking lot, wheelchair accessible, has takeout and do deliveries. The avarage rating of this restaurant rated by 75 reviewers is 3.7. For more deatils and orders call Alberto Restaurant on (718) 268-7860 or visit thier website.

Alberto Restaurant Phone Number

Alberto Restaurant Opening Hours

Mo 17:00-22:00
Tu 17:00-22:00
We 17:00-22:00
Th 17:00-22:00
Fr 17:00-23:00
Sa 17:00-23:00
Su 16:00-22:00


Alberto Restaurant Location

Alberto Restaurant Facilities

Wheelchair AccessibleWheelchair Accessible
Suitable for GroupsSuitable for Groups
Full Alcohol BarFull Alcohol Bar

Alberto Restaurant Website


Alberto Restaurant Cuisine

Italian , American , Mexican , Cafe , European

Alberto Restaurant Address

9831 Metropolitan Ave
Forest Hills , New York , 11375
United States


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