Deli King


Deli King Description

The Deli King deli is located at the 1088 Morris Park Ave, Bronx NY. It serves Deli and Sandwiches. For more deatils and orders call Deli King on (800) 566-3447.

Deli King Phone Number

Deli King Opening Hours

Mo 7:00-18:00
Tu 7:00-18:00
We 7:00-18:00
Th 7:00-18:00
Fr 7:00-18:00
Sa 7:00-18:00
Su 7:00-15:00


Deli King Location

Deli King Website

Website URL is not available.

Deli King Cuisine

Deli , Sandwiches

Deli King Address

1088 Morris Park Ave
Bronx , New York , 10461
United States


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