Vashu Description

The Vashu restaurant is located at the 674 Castle Hill Ave, Bronx NY. It serves Cafe and Coffee food. For more deatils and orders call Vashu on (718) 618-7159.

Vashu Phone Number

Vashu Opening Hours

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Vashu Location

Vashu Website

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Vashu Cuisine

Cafe , Coffee

Vashu Address

674 Castle Hill Ave
Bronx , New York , 10473
United States


Bพนืป 674 Cोेूता Hगतत Aना Bרםמס ุึภ Cฟหะสำ Hรสส Aอำ Nำไ Yนพา Nाै Yदीक 674 Cфыеду Hшдд Aму Bρονχ 674 Castle Hill Ave 674 Cשדאךק Hןךך Aהק Vashu Bкщтч Vشساع Vασηθ Nες Yορκ Nثص Yخقن Cafe Vqshu 674 Cشسفمث Hهمم Aرث -è' Cqstle Hill Ave Nק' Yםרל Bقخىء 674 Cαστλε Hιλλ Aωε New York Bीदलं Nуц Yщкл Vфырг Vोेपह Bronx Nez York Coffee Vฟห้ี Vשדיו