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Wendy's Description

The Wendy's restaurant is located at the 133-50 Whitestone Express, Flushing NY. It serves Fast Food, Burgers and American food. Wendy's is children friedly, has takeout and do deliveries. The avarage rating of this restaurant rated by 16 reviewers is 3.1. For more deatils and orders call Wendy's on (718) 762-4055 or visit thier website.

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Mo 00:00-2:00, 9:00-23:59
Tu 00:00-2:00, 9:00-23:59
We 00:00-2:00, 9:00-23:59
Th 00:00-2:00, 9:00-23:59
Fr 00:00-3:00, 9:00-23:59
Sa 00:00-3:00, 9:00-23:59
Su 00:00-3:00, 9:00-23:59


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Children FriendlyChildren Friendly

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Wendy's Cuisine

Fast Food , Burgers , American

Wendy's Address

133-50 Whitestone Express
Flushing , New York , 11354
United States


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